Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Tea Parties With Ornate Glass Tea Cups

Girls Tea parties with ornate tea cups
“I want that one” is the phrase that brought joy to my heart. Why, because I knew the girls were having fun. I began collecting ornate tea cups when my daughter was in junior high. I made it known to all my friends that if they were traveling to a different state or Country that I would love for them to bring me back an ornate glass tea cup. By the time my daughter was in High School I had quite a collection. I had ornate glass tea cups from Ireland, Israel, France, Italy, and many different states.

Instead of letting these beautiful ornate glass tea cups gather dust, I decided that they would be used and loved. I worked with our church youth group at the time and thought that Girls Tea Parties would be a great way to build memories. So it began!

Twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer we had a Girls Tea Party using my ornate glass tea cups. Each year during my daughters four years of high school I held themed Girls Tea Parties. We had WEAR A HAT, WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS, BRING A FRIEND, BRING YOUR FAVORITE CHOCOLATE, AND DRESS LIKE A PRINCESS PARTIES just to name a few. I usually had 15-20 young ladies attend the Girls Tea Parties.

I would have all of my ornate glass tea cups displayed on a table and the girls would wonder around picking them up and admiring them trying to decide which they would claim to be theirs for the afternoon or evening. After the ornate glass tea cups were selected the girls would gather around the huge dining room table, grab a delicious homemade scone, and enjoy the comfort of sisterhood with their peers. I can’t tell you the precious conversations that I heard and the wonderful sounds of laughter. Because many of these girls were in our church youth group we always made time for a short devotional.

Over the years these girls have blossomed into young women. Most of them are married and have children of their own. When I run into them on the street it never fails that I hear the words “REMEMBER OUR TEA PARTIES? THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!” I know that two of the girls have started their own collection of ornate glass tea cups and plan to carry on this tradition with their own girls when they grow up. I think that is MARVELOUS and makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. What a cool activity Beth. I have a daughter and she would love this activity.