Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ornate Bridal Shower Tea Parties

Ornate Bridal Shower Tea Parties

Nothing is more ornate than having a tea party with the bride to be and her best friends to celebrate her upcoming marriage. Girls no matter what the age just naturally have fun together celebrating life, but when girls are celebrating the fact that their friend has found their soul mate electricity fills the air.

An ornate bridal shower has many components. When giving a bridal tea party I like to decide my theme using the personal interests of the bride. One of my dear friends that I had an ornate bridal tea party for had an obsession with zebra print. Therefore, zebra print became the theme for my tea party.

Our tables were covered with white linens topped with black vases filled with an assortment of fresh white flowers. I found beautiful zebra print linen napkins and the tea was poured into both white and black teacups. I made my own beautiful ornate zebra print invitations and the guests were asked to wear black and white or zebra print attire. When quests are aware of your theme you will be surprised at the lengths they will go to follow that theme. My quests came with beautiful packages of white, black and zebra print paper and ribbons. Our environment was lovely.

I enjoy having soft classical music playing in the background as my guests and I gather around our beautiful tables and chat with each other. I think music can set the tone for your ornate tea parties. You decide what kind of tone you want. I typically look for relaxing and peaceful. Others may be looking for more of an upbeat fun style and tone. That is the beauty of an ornate tea party, it is all up to you.

My ornate menu consisted of fresh strawberries dipped with both black and white chocolate, zebra striped biscotti, my famous ornate raisin scones with chocolate and white frosting drizzled over the top vegetable quiche, and a garden salad with fresh blueberries, strawberries and red onions with a raspberry walnut vinegar dressing. I always have a variety of different teas for my quests to choose from. Tea is a soothing comfort that comes in many flavors.

Consider giving an ornate tea party the next time you decide to have a bridal shower for a treasured friend. ornate Bridal Tea parties are fun to plan and they can be a fabulous experience for both you and your guests. Know your bride, know her interests, and personalize your party. It will be a memory both your guests and your bride will not forget. One more thing, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. I bought a zebra print photo album and filled it with pictures from the shower. It was just one more memorable gift for the bride. Have fun sipping tea!!!

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